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who am i?


I am passionate about professionals leading inspired and RESILIENT lives.

Conscious Working Minds helps professionals and businesses put into practice tools that promote productivity and build resilience to stress. I love helping people and workplaces find ease while growing or going through transitions. I enjoy sharing innovative ways to cultivate work-life balance on individual and organizational levels. I work with clients to discover the leadership model that allows them to live, work, and create with ease.  While coaching, consulting, and conducting trainings, I employ cutting edge mindfulness and neuroscience-based approaches that result in greater wellbeing and tangible improvements in professional and business success. 



11 years practicing law specializing in addressing sexual violence in the workplace and in marginalized communities; creating and delivering trainings on behalf of the US Department of Justice for lawyers, advocates, law enforcement, and medical providers; pioneering social justice projects in marginalized communities. 

25 years facilitating groups and teaching everything from kindergarten to law school to continuing legal education.

A lifetime of leading community development projects, studying pioneering leadership models, and implementing innovative leadership methodology with diverse groups.

25 years studying and teaching meditation, yoga, and creative visualization techniques to individuals and groups, focusing on transforming the way our brains are wired.


Try 5 minutes of mindfulness and breathing with Laura now:


Would you like to know what it feels like to have nothing stopping you? 

Are any of these impacting your professional life:
    •    job change
    •    career transition
    •    growing your business
    •    professional burnout
    •    questioning your life’s purpose
    •    becoming a parent, marriage, divorce, changing relationships
    •    contemplating a sabbatical
    •    retirement

In our coaching sessions, you build a personalized toolkit that grows your confidence and competence to address stresses that arise in your professional life. With surprising speed, you learn techniques that infuse your brain with optimism, possibility, and positivity. You develop a new skill set that allows you to create in new ways. Your professional life becomes more meaningful, engaging, and productive. You have more time to do what you love with the people you love. You feel joyful, free, relaxed, and at ease in the world.

My methodology infuses cutting edge neuroscience techniques with 25 years of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practice. Learning this methodology strengthens your inner resources so that you can successfully:
    •    make an inspired transition from where you are to where you want to be
    •    bring your next big idea into the world
    •    build resilience to anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
    •    bounce back from burnout
    •    set healthy boundaries between work and home
    •    enhance job satisfaction & build confidence
    •    make decisions quickly and clearly  
    •    lead yourself and others
    •    find flow & decrease chaos during times of change

Coaching with Conscious Working Minds changes the way you live your life, think about your future, and exponentially increases your expectations for yourself and others.

Contact Conscious Working Minds for a free 15-minute consultation on how you can become unstoppable today.


Is your business ready to be transformed into a productive, cohesive, and creative work environment?

Is your business ready to take things up a notch? Are you ready to find new ways to:
    •   increase staff members’ resilience to stress and burnout
    •   energize and motivate your workforce
    •   creatively address blocks and challenges
    •   build stronger relationships between management and staff
    •   improve communication among team members
    •   support staff in doing self-care that maximizes productivity
    •   grow individual and organizational leadership
I believe that the greatest potential for improving a business’ success lies in creating deeper connections among team members and in teaching all staff to how to be self-led.

Conscious Working Minds offers innovative and practical solutions for:
    •   increasing employee productivity, performance, and loyalty
    •   creating sustainable work environments
    •   building resilience to prevent burnout for individuals or teams
    •   practicing self-care at work that increases effectiveness
    •   solving conflict between team members
    •   developing leadership skills for groups or individuals

Conscious Working Minds helps business owners and management create productive working environments that support staff in fostering resilience to burnout, inspire loyalty,  and grow new leaders. I use pioneering neuroscience techniques that are proven to build connection between your business and the individuals who work there. The results--a workplace transformed into a productive and profitable place that lives its vision and mission--are a surprisingly amazing return on your investment.

Would you like to know what it feels like to own or manage a business where your workforce is as committed as you are to success? Contact Conscious Working Minds today for a free 15-minute consultation.


A CORPORATE training should make all participants think, question the way they do things, and move the whole organization forward.

Professional training courses should inspire us to be better employees and bosses, to want more from our profession, and to have more to offer the world. A professional training created and delivered by Conscious Working Minds goes beyond the average lecture and results in an interactive, interesting, and informative training tailored for your audience. In person and online trainings are available.

Contact Conscious Working Minds today for a free 15-minute consultation on how to deliver a dynamic corporate training. 


Sample Training Menu


Does your team need a reset?

Is it time for your business or board to pause and get perspective? Does your team need a planning, restorative, or celebratory retreat?

Conscious Working Minds delights in assisting businesses and professionals to create and deliver meaningful retreat experiences to:  

  • learn mindfulness tools to build resilience to stress
  • practice gentle yoga to revitalize the body
  • try new neuroscience techniques to galvanize your team
  • organize how to bring your next big idea into the world
  • create an organized & practical strategic plan
  • hone leadership skills
  • creatively address blocks and challenges
  • practice mindfulness and other meditation skills
  • promote self-care & improve work-life balance
  • build resilience to compassion fatigue and burnout
  • grow trust among team members
  • increase feelings of connection, shared mission & purpose

Conscious Working Minds assists you in developing and facilitating a meaningful corporate retreat that connects participants to themselves, to the retreat objectives, and to each other. 

Contact Conscious Working Minds today for a free 15-minute consultation on how to develop and facilitate a worthwhile corporate retreat experience.


Try 5 minutes of mindfulness and yoga with Laura now:


Are you ready for the world to learn what you have to teach?

Do you have an incredible idea but aren’t sure how to package it so that you can sell it to others?
Would you like your staff, team, or clients to learn something new but aren’t sure how to effectively get the message across?

With 25 years of experience facilitating groups and teaching everything from kindergarten to undergraduate to law school, I employ all of my secret teaching tools to help you create an engaging and effective curriculum you can use online or in-person.

Consult with Conscious Working Minds to:

    •    illuminate your creative vision so that you can share it with others
    •    clarify your product goals
    •    take vast concepts and divide them into digestible chunks appropriate for your audience
    •    develop teaching methodology that engages every kind of learner
    •    create dynamic curriculum for online or in-person trainings
    •    generate training evaluations to assess effectiveness

Contact Conscious Working Minds for a free 15-minute consultation on how to turn your amazing idea into a marketable product.


Conscious Working Minds consults and trains in-person and virtually, locally, and world-wide.

If you are curious about how Conscious Working Minds can assist you, please contact:
Laura Mahr, Esq., Founder and Principal Consultant
Asheville, NC

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